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Exploring the Effects of Interactive Choices on Enjoyment in Interactive Video (on going)

Yuxian Lin, Wanchun Liu, James Cummings

Role:Co-first author and project leader

The goal of this study is to investigate how different features of interactivity (frequency of choice and morality of choice) will influence the audience's enjoyment toward interactive video through and beyond the satisfaction of hedonic needs (arousal and valence) and non-hedonic needs (autonomy, competence, and relatedness) by using The Complex as the stimulus material.

Publish on Broadcasting Realm

Yuxian Lin, Xiaohong Wang

Role: Co-first author

An observation on how traditional mainstream media (such as Washington Post, CBS) transformative by using short video strategy.


Excitation Transfer Effect in Journalism Consumption in Mixed Immersive Environments 

Li Zhang, Xinyue Liu, Di Mu, Bochao Sun, and James Cummings

Role: Research assistant

It is the first study examining the impact of immersion on excitation transfer during such transitions and the corresponding impact on message recall in virtual reality and 360° video environment. 


The Current Situation and Development Trend of Automated Journalism in China

Xiaohong Wang, 

Role: Research assistant

The study investigates the current situation, problems, and future trends of artificial intelligence applications in Chinese journalism and the new media industry. It discusses technology, content, talents, users, and policies on AI and emerging media scope, so as to better assist the construction of Chinese new traditional media and the improvement of public opinion guidance capabilities.

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