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Project | 01

Roberto's Salsa

An Advertising strategy for Colorado local brand Roberto's Salsa. Creative concept in this campaign is " Sharing". Sharing the best salsa in the world with one who you love, your family, your friends and your partner. According to the concept we design series print ads for different group and a video ads.

Share Roberto's with Your Friend
Share Roberto's with your Darling
Share Roberto's with Your Family
© 1988-today Roberto's salsa
© 1988-today Roberto's salsa
Coyote Gold® Copyright 2015, ZwetFer, LLC

Project | 02

 Coyote Gold Margarita

An Advertising strategy about Coyote Gold margarita. The concept with "Different season different margarita." Based on the concept we focusing on promoting different flavor's margarita in the different season. Our media strategy also Designed around this concept, it includes outdoor billboards, four seasonal concept print ads, split screen video advertising, and game day demonstration for the university student. 

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